Interior Design Ideas

I love architecture, style and design and living in a late Victorian townhouse, an older section of which forms part of an 16th century Coach House is inspiring. With high ceilings, picture rails and fireplaces of the late Victorian era as well as beams and unusual features from the coach house it’s a great space…

Our sitting room is dominated by a large book wall which was built by my Dad housing a growing collection of car and music books, as well as my Douglas Coupland collection, Shakespeare, numerous tattoo and pirate books, novels, biographies, interior, car and motorcycle publications and many many Hot Wheels…

We’ve collected a lot of photography and art between us with a lovely mixture of limited edition pieces, film posters and iconic Getty Images of motor sport and musicians. A love of cars and music is reflected in this interior…

The kitchen is a hub for music and socialising especially as it leads out to the garden. It’s also really bright and has enough space for a bar woo hoo! There’s a record player in here which gets a lot of use. We’ve mixed design classics with old found pieces and the Instax wall is great for displaying my obsession with instant photography…

The main bedroom is dominated by wardrobes (hand-built) and fireplace all of which are painted dark slate grey and finished off with a cow skull. There’s a huge vintage Union Jack flag above our bed, creepy Alice in Wonderland prints above my dressing table and Mick Jagger photographs on one of the walls. The second bedroom is very light, it reminds me of an old-fashioned hospital with the light grey walls and metal bed frame which is why I like it so much. There are antique skulls and antlers scattered around the house and random vintage Playboys which I got for one of Stephen’s birthdays. The one featured above is from his year and month of birth, I got it direct from Playboy in the States and it just happened to be a special edition…

The guest bathroom is in attic of the oldest part of the house and has loads of beams as well as a giant bath tub. Obviously there are skulls in here too, Vogue to read in the bath and we couldn’t be without Soveral products because we love Alex and her creations!

Photographs by me. 

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