London By Night

THIS week I was invited to a photography walk in London with a big group of other bloggers hosted by giffgaff, Best LDN Walks and Joe Blogs Blogger Network. Charlotte Kennedy from Best LDN Walks was our spiffing tour guide as we began our night at Waterloo, walked on to Southbank, Westminster then ended at the centre of London in Trafalgar Square. Half-way through the walk there was a chance to see the Banksy Tunnel (on Leake Street), snap everyone’s colourful work and even try graffiti for ourselves. We also had a professional photographer on the walk, Phil Hibberd from Photography Made Simple, to teach us how to take better pictures with our camera phones.

The great thing about this walk was taking in the sites, I lived in London prior to relocating to the Shires and you tend to miss things, when rushing to work or meetings or events it’s so easy to pass by wonderful places. The other great thing about this event was using our camera phones, I’m so used to using my selection of Nikons for blog posts, so it was nice to utilise another device. I have a great camera on my Nokia Lumia 1520, it takes lovely wide-screen shots and after adjusting the ISO settings I was able to capture some interesting views.

I try to go for the less obvious angles, capturing colour, light, and movement, I was pleased with the snaps I achieved and flooded Instagram with my results on the night. You can check out everyone’s work by searching #giffgaffsnaps on Instagram and make sure you have a gander on the Best LDN Walks website, they offer some really unique experiences. So here are my results, I haven’t added any effects, these are exactly how the photos turned out on the night. Thank you giffgaff for a wonderful evening!…

Images in order: Purple lights highlighting the architecture, skate park, The London Eye & Carousel horses as part of the Christmas market, strings of lights and the fairy light walk (light painting) all along the Southbank. Creative colour, graffiti and street art on Leake Street. The lion on Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and a London Bus both taken with a slower shutter speed to show movement through light.

Photographs by Helen S Stanley. 

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