EVERYONE gets a bit crazy about “festival style” now, it’s always been a thing but recently it’s become a bigger thing. I’ve been going to festivals for 19 years (gasp) and I’ve always dressed in my usual style, for practicality, the weather and most importantly the music – because that’s what it’s all about. Music. Lately it seems to have become more about flower crowns, fake tan and fashion rather than the sounds.

Those who make a huge effort to look like they haven’t made an effort aren’t kidding anyone other than themselves. The desperation shows. The same applies to festival style. Be yourselves!

I went to see Blur this weekend as part of British Summer Time at Hyde Park, it’s been set-up like a mini festival so although we’re not going to any this year (due to Skull & Pistons commitments) at least it felt like it! I love Blur, they’re my favourite band of all time and I always have so much fun watching them live…

Blur Hyde Park

Blur Hyde Park

Photography by Stephen & me. 

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