The Who, Hyde Park

As well as seeing Blur last week in Hyde Park, we went back this weekend to see The Who supported by Johnny Marr and Paul Weller and over the years I’ve been to Glastonbury, Reading and V so I’ve got some experience in this area…

The Who Hyde ParkThe Who Hyde ParkThe Who Hyde ParkThe Who Hyde ParkThe Who Hyde ParkThe Who Hyde Park


1) Be comfortable – I’ve seen girls trying to walk around fields in heels which isn’t the best idea. If the weather is good trainers are perfect and if not stick on some wellies.

2) If you’re staying the weekend take essentials: pocket tissue packs are great for the obvious, sun cream, sunglasses, wet wipes & plasters.

3) Layer up, you never know what the weather will do from one day to the next, with layers you can take things off when you’re hot and pile them back on when you get cold. Include a thin waterproof in that layering!

4) Enjoy the moment – by all means capture some elements on your phone or camera, but don’t forget why you’re there – to experience live music. Why spend the whole time filming bands and watching it back later when you can watch it live then and there?!

5) If you’re at a festival or gig with me don’t talk over the music! I’m there for the bands, you can talk to me anytime.

Photos by Stephen Turner & me. 

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