Vintage Style

IN true Helen’s Wardrobe style I like to mix things up when it comes to what I wear. I’m not concerned about where the pieces come from or who made them, the main thing is that I like what I’m wearing, I’m comfortable, and whatever I’ve thrown on suits me. I have no interest in looking good whilst feeling awkward or having to put too much effort into my look – trying too hard always shows. I don’t understand the current trend of Drag Queen-esque makeup and sickly, fluffy, far too girly attire. It’s all become so comical I predict a return to a more laid back look pretty soon (let’s hope), taking the lead from Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, Chloe and Nina Ricci’s catwalks with natural hair, big lashes, good eye brows, strong cheek bones and not much else. Demure not disproportionate.

Since I stopped having time to brush my hair or look in the mirror my style has become more natural and I’ve let my tomboy tendencies take over which seems to be working aesthetically, who knew? This week I’ve thrown on a vintage 1970’s jumpsuit from Vintage Inclined accessorized really simply with tan leather, natural make-up and hair unbrushed and pinned up. The simple looks are usually the best and this is a good example of that.70's Jumpsuit70's jumpsuit

Helen Stanley

Helen's Wardrobe70s style

1970’s jumpsuit from Vintage Inclined, studded clogs from Russell & Bromley, leather bag is from a Spanish market, tan leather belt from Timberland, gold engraved bangle is vintage, turquoise & silver bangle is from India, skull & Swarovski bracelet from Shebee, friendship bracelets made by my friend Jess, anchor necklace by Muru, aviators from Ray Ban, head band from Matalan.

Please take a few moments to nominate Helen’s Wardrobe in the “Best for Photography” category at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2015. Thank you x

Photography & styling by Helen Stanley.

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