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SOMEONE recently asked me where my happy place was at home, that’s quite a tough question, because I love every aspect of it! We live in a late Victorian townhouse part of which is a lot older and used to be a coach house, so this place has a lot of character. I love period properties because they not only have history but they have soul, personality and spirit. Something which can be enhanced by your own vision and sense of style. Because our place is a combination of eras we have high ceilings and spacious rooms mixed with beams, hidden spaces and lots of lovely unconventional attributes.

If I had to pick one happy place in our home then I would have to say our sitting room. It’s in the late Victorian part of the house so it’s got high ceilings and original features, including a working fireplace. I absolutely love books so when we moved in Stephen (my partner in crime) and my Dad built a floor to ceiling book-case along one wall. The white shelves against the original floor boards filled with colourful books is such a great feature. It’s not even half filled yet, it takes a while to collect that many books, but it’s nice to add to our collection gradually.

Vintage Playboy

White Orchids

As well as a mini library the sitting room is our tv room too, it’s really cosy with the fire-place and makes the ideal place to watch films – I’m a big film nerd. Molly likes to lounge on the sofa and sprawl out, so this must be one of her happy places too. As well as books we have photography and artwork on the walls, antlers and motoring paraphernalia – we’re both petrol heads. Somehow we’ve ended up with quite a large collection of Hot Wheels, various skulls and too many cameras to count so some have spilled out of my office and into the bookcase, my longboard has even made its way into the sitting room. It’s definitely full of all the things we love.

We all accumulate many treasures in our homes, whether they’re valuable or just sentimental and so I recommend everyone has good home insurance to keep their happy place safe. No matter what your happy place looks like I think it’s made special by the people in it (and in my case the dog too), whether it’s in your home, your garden or in your car, enjoy it!


silver skull

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Photographs by Helen Stanley. 

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