Borrowing Boys Clothes

THIS week I’m in boys clothes again, regular readers will know I’m a tomboy, I like to borrow Stephen’s clothes and customise men’s t-shirts. Unfortunately, through no fault of my own it appears to be Autumn, so I’ve got to layer up because I’m already cold (I should have been born in California). So, today I’m wearing a graphic tee I cut up and made into a muscle tank. It’s got a great print on it including skulls (which I love) and because it’s the month of Halloween I thought it was quite apt. The print is quite busy and I didn’t want to overdo things with too much of anything else so I chucked on a leather biker jacket, a few necklaces and a pair of jeans. I also added a tan leather bag accessorised with a vintage bandanna to break the black up a bit.

This is another laid-back look, easy, simple and comfortable. My tomboy style has kind of evolved into a uniform – lived-in t-shirt, skinny jeans, leather jacket and boots. I’m really not into “girly” anything, I don’t brush my hair and I wear very little make-up, it’s a style that works for me because I don’t have to think about it, which is good because I don’t have time. Instant photography seemed to be the ideal way to illustrate this week’s look, a no fuss approach to a no fuss look. Plus I love instant photographs!Instant PhotosInstant Photos
Instant PhotosInstant Photos

T-shirt from Mambo Europe, leather biker jacket from TopShop boutique, sunglasses from Ray Ban, D necklace by Dior, pirate necklace from My Name Necklace, anchor necklace by Muru, tan leather bag from Rufus Country, bandana is vintage, feather earring is handmade, diamond ring is custom-made, silver skull ring from The Great Frog, bottle of rum is Kraken, Playboy magazine is vintage. Taken with the FujiFilm Instax Mini 90.

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