HALLOWEEN is a big deal round here – I love it. We actually have skulls and most things associated with Halloween throughout our house all year round anyway. But I understand for most people this is just for one day a year, well it should be a week, no, a month at least! I get Christmas shoved down my throat from September (ggggrrrrrr) so I’ll be celebrating my favourite holiday for more than one day!

Starting off with some photos I took for a magazine cover featuring Adam Speller and Leigh Rees-Reynolds with skull make-up by Allison Boyd. How great do they look?!..

Halloween Cocktails: Two words that make anyone’s day awesome. We have a bar in our kitchen because, well, why wouldn’t you? On that bar (amongst other things) sits Crystal Head Vodka and a set of skull shot glasses also from Crystal Head. I know, too cool. For those who prefer a cold glass of beer rather than a cocktail, Pistonhead Lager not only tastes like rock ‘n’ roll, it looks like it too – check out that can!

Skull Artwork: Here are some skull related pictures and antlers in our house, we’ve mixed it up by using traditional prints and paintings with modern pieces for an eclectic aesthetic. Halloween all year round in a tasteful manner.

Halloween Treats: These chocolate lollipops are from Sainsbury’s, perfect Halloween gifts – I just wish they sold them all year round. I’ve also got some skull liquorice which my Dad gave me, this is sitting alongside a Damien Hirst espresso cup and saucer. The little black and white skeletons are actually pens, I picked them up for 99p each and use them as ornaments and the skull jug and goblets where a Halloween gift from a friend. Great examples of the different skull designs you can get to make your home tastefully spooky all year round.

Books: I love books and have a growing collection of the weird and wonderful. I found this Day of The Dead Book in Covent Garden for Stephen and the Book of Skulls was a present from my friend Rob. This glitzy skull was a Halloween ornament I found last year and use it all year round as a book end. Hopefully all these bits and bobs will inspire the introduction of skulls in a tasteful way, they do freak some people out but I don’t collect them to be macabre, I find them a fascinating and beautiful part of nature and culture.

Photos by me.

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