AS we all know it’s been the month of Halloween and I’ve been featuring a few skull related posts on Helen’s Wardrobe to celebrate, well now it’s time for another. I have to hear about Christmas for about 6 months so Halloween will be endured! Halloween is all year round for us anyway, those who read my interior feature will know we like skulls, and as it was my friend Jess’s birthday at the weekend I thought I’d share the cake I made for her as she too is a rock ‘n’ roller. We make cakes for each other every year, it became a tradition and this year Jess had a Halloween party to celebrate her birthday, so I came up with a cake to represent these two very special events – a chocolate skull cake with butterflies and flowers.

I don’t bake because I’m not allowed knives or fire, so I bought the sponges and created the cake base with a few of those. The icing is chocolate fudge which was made for me by a nice lady called Betty Crocker. The chocolate skull is from Tesco (of all places) and the flowers and butterflies are wafer/rice paper. I painted the skull with edible silver to give it a little somethin’ somethin’ and covered the cake base in white icing brushed with more edible silver paint to look a bit like stone. All together I think it came out ok, no idea what it tasted like  but it looked pretty good so I’m happy with that. Skullalicious.

 Photographs by Helen Stanley.


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