Christmas Gift Ideas

WE’RE midway through November so it’s about time for some Christmas gift ideas. I like to do something different at Christmas, it’s fun to find gifts that are useful and mean something to the person you’re buying them for. Nobody wants thoughtless tat, it’s a waste of money.

Those who read or follow Helen’s Wardrobe will know I love photographing abandoned places and for my 5 year blog anniversary myself and two friends went on a road trip to an abandoned theme park to celebrate. There is so much beauty in derelict buildings and exploring the faded colours and decay through photography is the perfect way to capture their haunting atmosphere.

So using Snapfish I chose some of the images I took of the abandoned theme park to create photo gifts, a unique and inventive idea for Christmas. I decided to make coasters from six of my images because I thought they’d make perfect stocking fillers. The outcome was vibrant and the quality is excellent too, we’re so used to screens and everything being digital we rarely see our images printed out and they look fab! This is such a fun way to put love and thought into Christmas gifts, and these coasters are not just a novelty but really useful too.

photo coasters photo gifts

All my photo gifts were made on Snapfish which was super easy to use offering presents for all budgets – which is really important. I was a little bit spoiled for choice but in the end decided on some photo books as my next gift idea, the perfect way to look back on memories from a wonderful trip – I also collect books and love the tactile nature of printed imagery. I decided to go for a 7″ x 5″ custom cover photo book so it will fit into a Christmas stocking. I went with a paper cover but I think next time I’ll add more pictures and go for a hard cover instead. Nevertheless the finished book looked great – the imagery was sharp and full of atmosphere, recapturing our Summer adventure.

photo book photo book

Finally I picked four images to be made into postcards. I’m a strong believer in sending letters and postcards to friends and family, sadly something we don’t do enough. This is a really cheap, easy way to personalise a gift for someone and it shows thought has gone into the idea. I was so pleased with the quality of the postcards I framed two of them, so not only can I write to someone I can give them original photography to hang on their wall. Another way to do this would be to frame one image and gift the rest of the postcards as well, then whoever receives them can swap the images as much as they like. I love this idea, who knew postcards could have so many possibilities?!

picture postcards gift ideas

Photography by Helen Stanley.

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