Party Time

RIGHT folks, we need to think about party dresses for Christmas but styling this time of year can be tricky. I’ve said this before, most people can’t seem to dress for occasions, especially Christmas. For some reason Christmas parties bring out something strange in people’s wardrobe choices. If you wouldn’t wear pink feathers and glitter at any other time of the year why would you wear it at Christmas? My main style rules are first and foremost to be comfortable, it’s also important to be yourself, just because something is on trend doesn’t mean it’s going to suit everyone. Finally, never try to hard, it shows and it doesn’t look good, by all means have fun with your style but not at the expense of other people’s eyes.

So when it comes to Christmas party dresses I apply my aforementioned rules, also I love mixing textures to keep an outfit interesting, especially in Winter as it’s generally cold. I don’t dress up and out of my comfort zone and I certainly don’t wear glitter. This leads nicely onto the look I’ve styled for my Christmas party outfit. I’ve combined a black lace midi dress with a pair of black biker boots, a checked shirt and a faux fur-lined parka all from Topshop. I customised the dress slightly by making it shorter because I wanted to wear it with boots, by sewing a loose running stitch around the hem I turned midi into mini. That way I can easily unpick the stitch and wear the dress again in a totally different way.

By adding the oversized checked shirt with a few top buttons done up as well as the faux fur-lined parka, I’ve created a modern grunge party look. Messy hair, minimal make-up and Nirvana on in the background and that’s my kind of party and I just love the thought of grunge glamour at Christmas! Layers also make an outfit versatile, you can take layers on and off depending on what look you’re going for and create something unique – there’s certainly no danger of turning up to your Christmas gathering wearing the same as anyone else. The black lace dress looks great on its own too, the pattern in the lace is quite busy so this by itself makes an outfit.

Luckily I don’t have to attend any awkward office parties because I am one half of Skull & Pistons Garage, instead we’ll be celebrating with good beer, good people and a lots of good rock ‘n’ roll at our place. And my outfit is sorted so let’s start the celebrations…

grungegrungeblack lace dressparty dressesvintage fairground signparkaTopshop dresschecked shirtparty dressfaux fur lined parkagrunge party wearbiker bootsLace midi dress, black leather biker boots, faux fur-lined parka all from Topshop. Aviator sunglasses from Ray Ban, anchor necklace by Muru, Pirate necklace from My Name Necklace, ‘D’ necklace by Dior, silver skull ring from The Great Frog, chunky silver chain bracelet is vintage, friendship bracelet from Jessica & crystal leather wrap bracelet from Loulebelle.

Photography by Helen Stanley.

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