Unique Christmas Gifts

TODAY is officially the first day of winter and as it’s the start of December I’m going to talk a bit more about Christmas gift ideas. I’m making a big effort this year to avoid all tat, gifts that are thrown away right after Christmas are a waste of money, instead I think it’s a much better idea to find unique Christmas gifts for friends and family. Many of us have limits on our gift buying and have to stick to budgets at Christmas, so I’ve collected together gifts ranging in price to suit everyone’s wallet.

I think it’s lovely to buy friends and family things for the home, plants are especially good because they’re reasonably priced and beautiful. Personally I like structural, simple plants that are easy to look after, succulents are perfect and make unique gifts. These succulents were under £10 each, one came in an old terracotta pot and the other came in a vintage cup from my local florist. Another great present especially if you’re on a tight budget is a vintage book; they add colour, culture and worldliness to someone’s home. I’m a massive fan of books, I don’t believe in ebooks or everything being stored in the Cloud, I like tactile reality. These books were £1.99 each from my local Oxfam bookstore, I highly recommend popping in there for vinyl too.

I’m all for useful gifts, things you can actually use, wear, eat, drink or read. So trainers are always a good one, these silver Gola classics are on trend with their metallic leather, super comfy and very wearable. If you’re presuming enough to write a Christmas list (tut-tut) then you’d better stick these on there.


Jewellery, if your wallet will allow, is a nice touch but probably best if you know the receiver really well. I tend to wear the same things all the time and this name necklace is one of my everyday pieces. I love pirates so I wanted that instead of my name, but you could have any word, from your favourite place to the name of your pet, which is great way to make a really unique gift.

If you invest in jewellery for a loved one it’s a good idea to consider something you can add to on other occasions, you could do this with a charm bracelet but a contemporary take on this idea is Anarchik. A Parisian design, you chose your diamond or precious stone then you choose your silicone ring. Both are interchangeable so you can collect different coloured stones and rings, then mix and match as you wish. I love this idea!


Finally, the gift that keeps on giving, a magazine subscription. Whatever the attraction or interest there’s a magazine about it, so what better idea for Christmas? If you still need ideas then check out my previous post on photo gifts, between the two you should be able to find something for that special someone.


Succulents both from Love Flowers, vintage books from Oxfam, silver trainers from Gola, pirate necklace from My Name Necklace, interchangeable diamond rings from Anarchik, magazine subscription from Magazine.co.uk, Playboy mug available online, black skull money-box & striped hip flask both from Urban Outfitters.

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