Beach Waves

I know it’s December but that doesn’t mean beach waves are only for the Summer. I love tousled beach hair all year round, but when we’re not lucky enough to be at the beach, how do we achieve it? Well in my experience it’s down to a combination of things; I don’t brush my hair (I condition it and get rid of tangles in the shower) and my blonde has grown out quite a bit, so that helps! Also to encourage my hair to separate and ‘tousle’ I make my own beach wave hair spray by combining water with sea salt, a little coconut oil and a small amount of mouse. I spray this on the lengths and ends of my hair when it’s wet, leave it for 10 minutes then dry it off. I used to air dry my hair but that can leave it a little flat and in the winter it’s a bit cold to be swanning round with wet hair so now I use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Using a diffuser helps to add tousles and waves, it lifts the roots and prevents any frizz, creating a natural look. I really don’t like uniform curls, it looks a bit ‘wedding hair’ which is horrible, so if you want to look like you’ve been chilling at the beach all day, this is the way forward.

I recently updated my hairdryer and invested in a travel diffuser which not only folds into itself to save space in your luggage, it’s rubbery so it’s a lot easier on your head when you’re drying your hair, (I’m really clumsy so anything to prevent injury with me is a bonus). This Daily Conditioning Dryer by Toni&Guy is proper swanky, it’s a lot kinder to my hair than my old model and adds shine which keeps my hair looking healthy. The diffuser is also Toni&Guy but has a universal fitting so should fit most modern hair dryers. This is definitely one for the Christmas list, it saves me so much time in the morning and achieves beach waves effortlessly. You can always add some random braids for a bit of a boho look, a touch of back combing for rock chick volume or if it’s cold stick a beanie on, tousled beach waves looks really cute styled under a bobble hat too.


Photos by Helen S Stanley.

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