Abandoned Boat Yard

I love to explore abandoned buildings and as I had a (very rare) few days off over Christmas myself and Jessica (my urbex ally and all round friend of my dreams) decided to visit some derelict boats. We’ve previously toured an abandoned hospital, defunct theme park, and a forgotten asylum (to name a few) but never a collection of derelict boats.

We’ve been searching for some more unusual and special places and the patina on the boat hulls, the peeling paint on the wood, faded ropes and bleached out boat names all come together to create the ideal scene of post apocalyptic beauty. I love my abandoned wonderlands but as the housing estates grow, these pockets of history disappear, so it’s a battle against time to find these places before they are lost forever under piles of bricks, DFS sofas and white faux by fours.

It doesn’t take long for the elements to weather abandoned structures and as nature reclaims them the results are fascinating. Capturing these abandoned beauties is the epitome of creative reverie and I’m happy with the results, this was definitely another successful abandoned adventure around a beautiful derelict boat yard, but as always I can’t wait for the next one…

old iron gates

old wall

faded boat art

abandoned building

distressed ankle boots

abandoned boat

abandoned boat yard

abandoned cafe

derelict boat front

distressed boatweathered old boat


Photos by Jess & me.

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