Vintage Denim

‘Vintage’ is a term used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old, anything 100 years or older is classed as an ‘antique’. So something from ASOS bought in 2007 is not vintage. Right, now that’s all sorted let’s look at some actual vintage pieces. The Lee jeans and red Levis vest came from London circa 1990. I love this vest, men’s clothes are cut differently and therefore fit better if you’re channeling the tomboy style, which I generally am. The Levi’s denim jacket was a gift and came from a vintage store in East London, it’s a slim fit which I like and a good wash.

These cowboy boots were from a vintage clothing shop which used to be on Kings Road, and also previously belonged to my boyfriend. The leather studded bag is from a Spanish market and the red bandanna is vintage circa 1988 from San Fransisco. It’s held onto the bag by an eagle bandana toggle which my Dad bought me when I was little, so it’s also vintage. I know, I know, most of this outfit did or still does belong to my boyfriend but Vivienne Westwood herself said:

“Unisex is good for the environment. You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes. You can just wear your boyfriend’s.”

As per usual my hair is unbrushed and doing it’s thing and make-up is minimal. I really like this look, it’s got personality whilst being uncomplicated and comfortable. Also because of the vintage angle it’s unlikely I’ll see irritating hipsters walking passed me on the street wearing the same thing.

double denimvintage Levi's vestvintage Levi's denim jacket

vintage levi's vest

vintage denimPhotos by me.

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