Natural Skin Care

SKIN care doesn’t come any more natural than Alexandra Soveral’s incredible collection. Hand blended at her London lab using the highest quality ingredients, Soveral products are all natural and wherever possible from organic origin. Vogue, Tatler and Harper’s feature Alex and her designs for a very good reason: her range of skin care, perfumes, candles and treatments are incredibly effective and smell absolutely incredible. The best way to understand these products is to try them, experience their capabilities and their beautiful scents, then you’ll get it.

natural organic skin care

“I designed this skin care line after much research into the world of essential oils, I am a firm believer in their unique power. After all, they are what gives life to every skin care product. They are the living essence of the plant, active and powerful. I am very passionate about my craft and everything that I create.” Alexandra Soveral

Alex has also created a collection for men which smells amazing and the packaging is lovely – perfect for men’s gift ideas. In fact these products are all perfect for gifting, useful gifts are always the best kind so check out Alex’s website for the full range.

men's organic skin care natural organic skincare

Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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