Less is More

JEANS, the ultimate wardrobe staple, along with a really good parka, a big scarf, lace-up ankle boots and a sweatshirt. Really simple items that can solve most fashion brain freezes and combined together create the ultimate no fuss style. As regular readers will know I’m a tomboy, I dress for comfort and I hate anything over-fastidious (such a great word) so the aforementioned wardrobe staples pretty much make up my day-to-day outfits. When less is more there really isn’t anywhere to hide when it comes to silhouette and fabrics so it’s important that your simple items are great quality and fit really well. Which brings me nicely onto this week’s personal style feature.

Molly and I took a stroll out into the sunshine wearing all of my above suggestions, well Molly just had her harness on, but I was wearing all my wardrobe staples. The jeans are by NYDJ designed with fit in mind, their exclusive Lift Tuck Technology® does just that, and the high-rise of the style provides a slimmer silhouette and makes them super comfortable. Going for a blue wash keeps jeans casual and the colour goes with pretty much anything. The parka is from Topshop with faux fur lining which adds a twist to a classic style and it keeps me really warm too, the lining can also be removed making the parka a transitional piece – bonus. Continuing with a nod to all things Mod I’m also wearing a Fred Perry sweatshirt and cherry red Dr Martens. The big cashmere scarf is by Chanel, the soft grey goes with everything and the quality is outstanding. I finished the ensemble with a pair of Ray Ban aviators, my favourite sunglasses and another fashion essential.

If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing it shows, so take my advice and choose quality and fit when you’re shopping, creating an effortless look with personality and style.

tomboy style

Topshop parka



parkaChanel Cashmere Scarf


Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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