Vapid Vaping

VAPE Shoreditch kindly sent me a vape kit to try out. I used to be a smoker but gave up a long time ago so never had a need for this kind of thing. In the interest of blogging I thought this would make a good feature especially as vaping is on the increase, so let’s start with the visuals… The vape pen itself is simple and sleek, I went for the Shoreditch Two which is a more slimline design. Arriving in a lovely green box the kit is made up of the vape pen, a USB cable for charging and spare coil. I also selected three flavours of e-liquid – bubblegum, apple pie and peach – because I don’t smoke this experience was more about the flavours and smells than trying to recreate those good old Marlboro’s I used to love.

vaping pen

As I’m a novice with this kind of thing I literally had no idea how to work the vape pen, so for the less informed such as myself it would have been helpful to have a ‘how to guide’ in the box and/or online but eventually I worked it out. The smell of the bubblegum e-liquid was glorious and with all the vapour the whole thing reminded me of the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. The apple pie e-liquid smelled equally delicious and the peach reminded me of swigging Archer’s from the bottle before a night out in Brighton as a teenage tearaway.

The choice of 21 flavours including Absinthe, Gummy Bear and Parma Violet with the added option of different strengths makes Vape Shoreditch a professional and stylish set-up. The vape kits cost £19.99 and you can choose your e-liquids then get them delivered directly to you on a monthly basis so you don’t run out.


This was definitely a new and interesting experience, I really do love the smell of the bubblegum e-liquid and if you fancy trying their amazing flavours for yourself this code HELENS1870 will bag you 3 x 10ml bottles of Shoreditch e-liquid for 99p including p&p. Because vaping is still relatively knew I would definitely recommend a company like Vape Shoreditch, don’t go to a random stall on a market, safety is really important so make sure you buy from a reputable retailer.

Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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