Coca Cola Kid

SPRING is finally here and as we’re all thinking of sunnier, warmer days, I thought this was a good time to make some dairy free ice creams sodas and milkshakes to celebrate the dawn of my favourite time of year. Originating in Philadelphia, ice cream sodas were invented back in 1874 by pharmacist Robert M. Green, made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream added to carbonated water. Milkshakes found their way onto the market around ten years later and were traditionally made with whisky.

I don’t like dairy products so I’ve used some vanilla dairy free ice cream for both these drinks, if you like frozen cow juice then just switch the soya ice cream for regular dairy.

I’m a Coca-Cola kid so went for Cherry Coke for my ice cream soda – if you can get hold of American import Coke use that because it tastes a lot better. Fill a tall glass about 3/4 full with your beverage of choice then pop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top, stick in a straw and you’re good to go. This is known as a coke float, Dr Pepper would also work really well. There are quite a few variations of this drink which you might like to try out; a Brown Cow is made with chocolate ice cream and Coca-Cola, a Boston Cooler is ginger ale and vanilla ice cream, a Snow White is 7up and vanilla ice cream and a Beer Float or Shakin’ Jesse is made with Guinness, chocolate ice cream and espresso.

Milkshake possibilities are endless, however I decided on a banana and rum milkshake made with soya ice cream and soya milk, because I like bananas and rum! For this you will need:

  • 1 measure of dark rum* – I recommend Kraken because it’s damn good,
  • 2 ripe bananas – peeled and chopped,
  • 250g vanilla soya ice cream,
  • 100ml soya milk.

Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until the mixture is smooth. Then pour into a tall glass or jar and enjoy. If you’re not a pirate you can leave out the rum, I’m not sure why you would want to do that but I guess people have their reasons. And as before you switch the soya products for dairy if you wish.

*Drink responsibly and all that jazz.

Photos by me.

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