Easy Style

UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed everyone has gone a bit fitness crazy. Along with actual exercising social media is a wash with fitness fashion; perhaps that’s something to do with this 90s resurgence we’re having – think Calvin Klein, clean and simple sportswear crossing over into everyday style. If only that were the case, instead I keep seeing women (and men) dressed in overly complicated, extreme technicolour, geometric patterned lycra which makes them look like a collective magic eye picture.

Fitness and fitness style really should fit in with your everyday life and your daily routine, depending on what you chose to do to stay toned and healthy. I walk everyday with my dog Molly, I also do Pilates every other day and building cars is a workout in itself. Depending on the weather, I like to longboard too, I’m not sure how great this is for fitness but it’s good for balance and it’s fun so that’s the main thing. For all four of those I can wear the same thing, a men’s t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, a crop top or sports bra underneath and shorts/leggings depending on the weather. That’s pretty much what I wear everyday anyway – swapping the leggings for jeans – so it makes sense to keep my fitness style easy too.

surf girls teegirls long boardhot tuna t-shirt

longboardThis Hot Tuna surf tee was from my Uncle Michael, I swapped two of his surf tees for two of my Skull & Pistons tees and now this turquoise beauty if one of my favourites. Cutting the sleeves off keeps you cool and because it’s a men’s tee it’s nice and loose. No sweaty, clingy things for me thank you. I featured this Voltage longboard a few times on my blog (including skating around an abandoned theme park), and the necklaces are old faithfuls – the anchor is from Muru and the Pirate necklace is from My Name Necklace. The shorts are just cut off jeans and the super comfy fluro trainers are by Adidas.

dog walking

Pilates is great because it’s an effective way to de-stress, it strengthens the body evenly with an emphasis on core strength and improves general fitness. I used to go to classes many years ago but now I do it at home* using eFit30 on YouTube – I can’t be in a room with lots of people for that long, plus it’s free in my own place. Most people have jumped on the Yoga bandwagon but that just isn’t for me, I don’t believe standing on your head whilst balancing a lotus flower on your ass is going to help anyone when the zombie apocalypse comes, whereas brut strength might do. Just a thought.

*I recommend you speak to your local Pilates instructor and GP before throwing yourself into Pilates at home. Let the professionals teach you how it’s done first.

Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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