Instant Photos

A long time obsessive of cameras and taking photographs, one of my favourite analogue treasures is instant film. I’ve got five instant cameras, one of which you can’t even get film for anymore, and I just love the honest quality of the photographs.

With a mixture of Polaroid and Instax cameras, I tend to go for the Instax because film is easier and cheaper to get hold of, whatever I’m using the results are unpredictable and candid, something rarely seen in this world of Snapchat filters and contrived “casual” shots. Undergoing something of a revival over the last five years it’s now easier to get film and new instant models with different settings to get different effects but sometimes the more simple the better, it all adds to the surprise. I’ve used Instax mini film for blog shoots in the past, one with Mambo and one with my friend Leigh but I also love the larger format film because you get to capture more.

I recommend delving into more than just your camera phone, experimenting with different analogue cameras and film brings excitement back to photography, no filter needed.

instant photosinstant photosinstant photos

Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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