Hot Rod Hotties

AFTER an extremely busy week at Skull & Pistons we had a very rare weekend off so as well as going to watch Suicide Squad (it’s amazing by the way) we also decided to drive over to the NRSA Super Nationals for a little hot rod action. I’m building a Mini Rat Rod so I wanted to see what other people on the scene are doing, have a look at all the custom projects and generally stare at beautiful cars.

I did get a few ideas for little details on my rat rod project, not from the hot rods in the end, instead from some of the junk for sale there. Although my bright ideas were clouded slightly by one of the stall holders who presumed I was inquiring about car parts for my boyfriend, err no actually they’re for my hot rod. Jeeeeze lady, (yes it was a female stall holder – shame on you) girls can build cars you know! Never mind I’m getting used to presumptions, when I rock up there with my rat rod next year we’ll see who can and can’t build cars. Grrr.

Anyway, I took hundreds of pictures but managed to narrow it down to a few favourites for Quarter Mile Style, I’m a rat rod fan so it is a bit patina heavy but that’s not a bad thing. There were a few British customs but as always it’s very dominated by American models, I guess that’s where Skull & Pistons comes in! Enjoy…

GMC-patinaRat Gasser

Rat Gassercustom fleetlinerat rod patinaChevy FleetlineFord Rat RodFord rat rodFord rat rod detailbare metal rat rodbare metal rat rodbare metal rat rodcustom fleetlinecustom-fleetline-wheelscustom-Fleetline-interiorcustom-Fleetline-pin-stripingPhotographs by Helen S Stanley.

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