Custom MK2 Cortina

I need to talk about our Skull & Pistons custom MK2 Cortina because it’s so incredibly beautiful and I love it! I changed the name and look of my blog to include style in all forms, especially those forms powered by an engine, sitting on four wheels and looking smoking hot. So, a few weeks ago we showed our custom, chopped MK2 Cortina Cruiser to Ford fans at Silverstone Ford Fair, then at The Bike Shed for a night of custom classic appreciation.

This car looks good in photos but it’s something else in real life, and there aren’t many (if any) custom MK2 Cortina’s with a four-inch roof chop – on a four door, so it turns heads. Our aim at Skull & Pistons is to create custom classics that look like they rolled out of the factory that way, we put a lot of thought and hard work into this project so when someone tells us “it’s much cooler than my Lamborghini..” we’ll take that, because it’s true.





Now I want to talk about the drive, because that’s something really special… We had to drive the Cortina to The Bike Shed event because towing a trailer into East London isn’t really an option, which meant I got to drive the Cortina home afterwards. We’ve both driven the Cortina since it’s been transformed but not a long way so this was a treat. This car was designed as a cruiser, it has the original 1600 GT engine (revamped) so it was never going to be a racer or a muscle car (our next two projects are though). So driving it through country lanes and dual carriageways really gave me a chance to see how it cruises. This car loves to drive, it belongs on an open road at 70mph cruising. The panoramic roof, custom dash and classic seats mean the interior is a really great place to be. The stance of the car and view of the vented bonnet as you head towards the distance is something else, easy gear changes and the hypnotic noise of the engine as you accelerate all add to an incredible driving experience. This car eclipses all the mass-produced plastic faux-by-fours and white blobs humming along the roads, this custom Cortina is about driving, you have to drive it, you can’t be passive in a car like this. And why would you want to be?

If you’re reading Quarter Mile Style I’m pretty sure you’re not a hybrid owner or a someone who drives a people carrier, their souls crushed by bad life choices. If I’m wrong and you are in fact one of those people then it isn’t too late for you, I know it wasn’t your life’s ambition to drive a passive, soulless, piece of shit, I know you’ve had to sacrifice all the cool things in your world because you have kids, but you can redeem yourself with a car like the custom Cortina. I’m a self-confessed petrol head, I’ve always loved cars and I love this car more than any other, because we made it and because it’s everything a car should be. I strongly believe life is better with a custom classic, people spend so long in their cars so why shouldn’t that car be something striking and enjoyable to drive? If you’re convinced then you’d better commission a custom car from Skull & Pistons and if you’re not convinced please don’t come back here, this site is not for you (bearded hipsters who ride bicycles are also not invited to party with us).

As I said this car is better in real life, but here are some photos anyway because whatever way you look at it, it’s beautiful…

custom MK2 Cortina custom MK2 Cortina custom MK2 Cortina custom MK2 Cortina 1600 GT MK2 Cortina grill MK2 Cortina Interior

Photographs by Helen Stanley, photograph with Stephen and I taken by Tina Campbell.

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