Style in All Forms

I recently revamped my blog and renamed it to become more relevant to style in a larger sense – to cover style in all forms. I think a great way to explain this visually is through colour. I have thousands of photos from previous blog posts, visits to car shows and events, stock imagery from freelance blog shoots… so I decided to collect together some of my favourites and group them in colour. This way the collation of images act like a mood board, a personal version of Pinterest if you like.

helen-stanley-photos helen-stanley-photos

None more black, a selection of images highlighting the stylish nature of black. This dip dyed coat is by Second Female from The Women’s Society, one of my favourite product shots and the Triumph picture was taken at The Bike Shed, a wonderful place for petrol infused beauty. The skeletons are actually pens I found last Halloween but they’re so stylish I use them as ornaments in my office. You see, it’s the simple things that work so well. The cow skull is in our bedroom against a dark grey wall, it’s such a striking contrast and one of my favourite visuals in the house, clutter free and uncomplicated. The jumper is Zadig & Voltaire from a blog post I wrote about wearing black, the camera is one of many I have in my collection, most of them are on display because I love the way they look just as much as I love taking pictures with them.

Diana Mini camera


Whiter than white, combining this pure colour in lots of different finishes to mix things up. One of the most stylish colours to work with, because it’s so pure you can see the variations in tone, texture and form when placed side by side. With interiors you can’t go wrong with white, it suits modern and period. On cars it looks better on classics than anything modern, but the condition of the paint is great whether it’s pristine or patina.

Helen Stanley photographsHelen Stanley photographsHelen Stanley photographs

50 shades of grey, combining different textures within one colour. Many would presume grey is a boring choice of colour but it’s one of my favourites. Combining different textures using the same colour brings a new dimension to a visual whilst maintaining balance and harmony. The silver glitter bike helmet is from The Bike Shed, I shot it in low light with purposeful movement to create the blurred effect. The bare metal rat rod was taken at a recent hot rod show, this is the same effect I’m planning for my Mini Rod. The grey outfit is all from Yaya at The Women’s Society, a comfortable and relaxed silhouette given an edge by using one colour in different tones. Texture brings a colour to life and this is illustrated really well through imagery, especially when you concentrate on the details.

GMC patinaHelen Stanley photographssucculentsHelen Stanley photographs

Turqouise patina and peeling paint. Clean lines and fuss free style is a favourite of mine but I do love a good patina. I especially like a bit of peely paint and when this is juxtaposed with visual simplicity it creates an incredibly stylish balance. The patina on the GMC truck is from a hot rod show, and the jars are a product shot for a freelance blog post I did last year. The faded turquoise peely paint is a door in an abandoned hospital and the succulent was taken on some worn floorboards in our house. The guttering is from a derelict art deco factory – which is currently being demolished which is a crime against architecture, and the overgrown rollercoaster tracks are from a defunct theme park. They all possess this beautiful faded blue which is one of my favourite tones.

 cowboy-boots-vintagecamel-coatrat-truck-detailToffee tones; style in leather, metal and wool. The cowboy boots are vintage, I “borrowed” them from my boyfriend and just haven’t really given them back because of the awesomeness. I love the detail which is kept super stylish with the earthy tones. Talking of earthy tones I never knew I wanted a camel coat until I shot this for The Women’s Society, a classic piece which has leapt onto my wish list. The rat truck has a lovely warm patina, the orange makes me think of Autumn and Halloween and toffee apples – I need to collect more images in these toffee tones, they work really well as an ensemble. 

Photos by Helen Stanley.

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