Fashion to Custom Classic Cars

THE last person I explained my occupation and work experience to, looked at me like I was an alien being. I’m a bit fed up of getting this kind of reaction so I’m going to explain things here on Quarter Mile Style then direct the unimaginative to this article, it will save me time and probably preserve my sanity for a little while longer too…

I used to work as a visual merchandiser for international fashion retail brands, traveling and working in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Estonia, Serbia, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. I designed, I styled, I created, I learned about international branding and marketing, I honed my eye for detail and aesthetics applying it to campaigns, events, interiors, graphic imagery, outfits, exhibitions and shows. I think it’s safe to say I’m creative and creativity is a transferable skill; it’s not just drawing, or sewing, or painting it’s being innovative and inventive. I understand design, I have an eye for style – so why wouldn’t I be able to apply my knowledge and experience to cars? Cars are all about design, lines, form, construction… style. Do you see where I’m going with this? So my journey from all things visual into custom classic cars really isn’t that far removed. It really isn’t that strange. Actually it all makes perfect sense. I have always seen classic cars as a form of inspiration, they are functioning works of art, they are my idea of beauty. So, creative petrol head turned co-owner, co-designer, co-creator of Skull & Pistons Garage to me is a natural progression. It’s simply working with a slightly different medium. See, not that crazy.

I’ve collected together some imagery to further illustrate my point. Pictures which depict the wide reach of style through colour, form, light and texture. I’ve selected photos I’ve taken of clothing, interiors, fabrics, cars, motorbikes, tattoos, shoes and jewellery and grouped them from black to grey to white – like a big mood board.




Photographs by Helen Stanley.

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